Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cupcake Wedding Cake

This weekend my dear friend and former co-worker was married. It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony for an unbelievable couple.

As many of you may know.. I don't do wedding cakes.. I can't take the pressure or the brides... But when she asked me to make her cupcake wedding cake I didn't hesitate.. She wanted cupcakes, wanted the decorating simple, she trusted me and she loves me.. how could I go wrong?

The cake turned out wonderfully, fit her perfectly and she couldn't have been happier. CONGRATULATIONS to the newlyweds!


Holly said...

How pretty!!

Anonymous said...

I love cupcakes but I still like the big ol traditional cake for a wedding.

Morgan said...

i would happily bury my face in one of those cupcakes...did nicole work at the bakery?

sappy said...

Thanks for the pics I am glad that the wedding went well and that they are happy. The pic of the wedding was beautiful and the cake looked wonderful. Glad it went so well.

Anonymous said...
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Natalia said...

You are simply incredible..

Those cupcakes look beautiful!