Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Grocery Cart Challenge

Remember I told you that I wanted to participate in Grocery Cart Challenge? Well, this week is the week. I cut my groceries down by about 30 dollars but I can already see some things that I could improve upon. I will have to do one trip to the store later on in the week for 2 gallons of milk, other than that we're set until next week. Also, we have a little extra because the kids are out of school 2 days this week and they always eat more when they are home.

First our menu for the week and then I'll show you how the shopping went. To see how everyone else on the challenge did click here.

Menu for this week:


Eggs/ toast
Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal/ muffins
Cold Cereal
Rice Pudding/ toast
Hashbrowns/ eggs
Cold Cereal


Potato Soup/ bread bowls
Breakfast sandwiches
Enchiladas/ rice
Fried Chicken legs/Baked potatoes
French Toast/sausage
Pot roast/potatoes & gravy/carrots
Homemade pizza


butter $1.49
butter $1.49
cereal $1.99
chicken legs $3.75
apples $1.70
potatoes (10 lbs) $2.50
eggs (2 doz) $1.98

Total: $14.90 +tax

tortilla chips $2.20
cereal $1.48
cereal $1.48
bacon $1.62
english muffins $3.32
sausage $2.98
flour tortillas (qty 2) $2.56
ground beef (maxx pac) $11.97
sandwich ham $2.98
tomato sauce (qty 2) $ .76
ground cinnamin $ .50
pepperoni 2.18
canadian bacon $1.94
carrots $ .98
bananas $1.40
tomatoes $2.28
onion $ .47
avocado $ .68
green onions $1.36
radishes $ .68
muffin mix (bulk) $1.52
Milk (3 gal) $6.21

gel $3.68
tylenol meltaways $3.27

Total 58.50 + tax

Grand T0tal : 73.40 + tax

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Anonymous said...

Great job! Isn't it fun to save money and try to budget, or at least I think it is.