Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sugar Cookie Bouquets

The Bakery where I worked part time last summer/fall was always looking for ways to promote their business and come up with new ways to use their baked goods, especially at holiday time. Over Christmas I helped out and was officially named "Sugar Cookie Girl" as my job was hand piping sugar cookies. It seemed like we never had enough and I think we did a record year in the sugar cookie department, at least it felt like it. So, with the popularity of their cookies I was wondering why they didn't sell cookie bouquets. Good question. With Valentines day coming up, the question once again arises "Why don't we sell cookie bouquets?" We have an official Sugar Cookie Girl, lets see what we can do.. Here are the test products ready for display. I've been making these for teachers and friends for years so it is really a fun project for me. We'll see how they do at the bakery... By the way, anyone who wants a step by step demo on my blog of how to make these say "I". If I have enough people I'll see what I can do.

just a note: when I took them into the bakery for the owner to see, a customer quickly ordered one for her anniversary this friday and another 8 or 9 for clients for Valentines. I think these bouquets will do just fine...

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mandi said...

I want the tutorial! Pretty please?